About Us



Steve Appel and Lee Whitehead grew up in the Baltimore area and have been pals since grade school. Like all best friends, they talked about starting their own business together and, in 1986, they took the plunge with the opening of the original Nouveau Contemporary Goods in Savage Mill.

Today, Nouveau is an award-winning store in the popular North Baltimore neighborhood shopping destination, Belvedere Square, home of the region’s best locally owned shops and restaurants.

After years of running one of the hottest home furnishings and accessories shops in town, Steve and Lee found the move to interior design was a natural evolution. They launched Whitehead & Appel Interior Design with the goal of making homes and businesses around the region even hipper.


  • Every customer deserves good design. Whether you’re moving into your first home or your dream home, we can create a design just right for you!
  • Your treasures are our treasures. We can reuse and repurpose your mementos and furnishings, while bringing in new pieces to create a totally fresh new look.
  • All good design takes a risk. Our goal is to make your home comfortable, while helping you get out of your comfort zone. Every room should have a surprise!